California Senate to Consider Law that would Require Labeling of Genetically Modified Agricultural Products


California bill SB1381 would deem any product ‘mislabeled’ if it is partially or entirely genetically engineered and the label does not say so.  This bill is especially progressive because it allows any individual to sue the company for injunctive relief – that is, to halt mislabeled production until they appropriately disclose what contents are genetically modified.  This bill is especially friendly to consumers because any consumer that sues for mislabeling would be able to have all attorney fees paid for by the offending company.


How the Meat Industry Killed the Free Market

How the Meat Industry Killed the Free Market

All meat in America is produced by one of four major companies.  According to investigative reporter Christopher Leonard, the meat monopoly has created a system where farmers are in a state of “indebted servitude” like that of the 1900s before meat monopolists were first broken up.  Forty years ago, 36 companies produced all of the chicken and chicken byproducts while today there are only three.


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