Enlist GMO Crop Rollout Still Faces Hurdles

The USDA approved Enlist September 17, 2014.  Dow AgroScience’s new genetically-modified corn and soybean crop is resistant to the Enlist pesticide that kills all other weeds and growth in fields.  The president of Dow AgroSciences, Tim Hassinger, claims that Enlist will boost productivity for “safe and affordable food supply.”  According to Hassinger, Dow Agrobusiness has “used the latest science and technology to address problem weeds. Enlist will be a very effective solution and we’re pleased to have this technology one step closer to the farmgate.”

However, some hurdles still exist post-approval.  The founder of Center for Food Safety, Andrew Kimbrell, already plans to litigate in hopes of delaying the crops as they did with GMO sugar beets, canola, and alfalfa.

China has also begun to reject shipments of US corn based on concerns for GMO products and its lack of approval in China.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement can be found here.




Legislation Roundup – Alabama

What sort of agricultural laws is your state considering to pass?  Legislation Roundup highlights the laws that each state’s legislative branch is considering in session.  Never forget the importance of public political participation.  If you live in any of these states and support or oppose any state legislation, never hesitate to contact your assembly(wo)man/representative/senator and voice your opinion!  We pay their salaries in taxes.


  • HB98 – Would change the state insect to queen honey bee.
  • SB362 – Creates the Alabama Poultry Revolving Loan Fund; would allocate state bonds to finance farms that want to transition from using propane-fueled heating sources to using wood-fueled heating sources.
  • SB335 – Will require that all catfish and catfish products be labeled if they were imported from any country other than the US.  The labels must clearly indicate country of origin.  Restaurants will also have to list country of origin for imported catfish on their menus.
  • SB69 – Exempts retail sales of agriculture machinery from state taxes but not local sales tax.
  • HB5 – Repeals Section 3-1-20 of Alabama’s criminal code.  Currently, it is illegal to sell or buy domestic animals/fowl [livestock] between sunset and sunrise.  HB5 would repeal that law and make it legal.