What You Need to Know About Drone Safety

What You Need to Know About Drone Safety

The FAA must provide safe integration of civil unmanned aircraft systems into national airspace no later than September 2015. Until that time, it is difficult to advise on best practices that are technically illegal when used by business including farming operations (…)”

USDA Announces $19 Million in Grants to New Farmers

USDA Announces $19 Million in Grants to New Farmers

Earlier this month, the USDA announced $19 million in grants for young farmers. The grants, managed by the National Institutes of Food and Agriculture, are aimed at those trying to break into farming and those who have been at it for fewer than 10 years.

The grants will help train producers through the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (BFRDP), the USDA said in a statement in mid-April. Those competitive grants help beginning ranchers, farmers and foresters through the extension of training and technical assistance.

Why Food Law is an Important Growing Field

Why Food Law is an Important Growing Field

To quickly summarize the importance behind Harvard’s new push to open a Food Law Lab:

  • “Sell by” and “best by” dates on food have no relationship to safety and are not federally regulated.  Americans throw 160 billion pounds of food a year.
  • World’s biggest pork producer was purchased by a Chinese company with a jaded history.
  • Some countries are now rejecting American grown products outright because of the controversial safety of genetically modified foods
  • Agribusiness and meat industry are polluting air and groundwater
  • Food workers don’t earn enough to feed their own families.

Drones and Agriculture

Drones and Agriculture

Will commercial agriculture be the largest beneficiary of unmanned aircraft? 

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are controlled by GPS and have a variety of uses when it comes to agriculture.  For example, UAVs can aid in scouting pests, collecting information on plants with high growth, locating livestock, and tracking precipitation damages.

From a regulatory standpoint, UAVs are not allowed commercially by the FAA.  Farmers must therefore follow guidelines applicable to hobbyist UAV use.

An interesting extension of this is the argument that agriculture is growing too industrial, too focused on growth yield, and too far from sustainability.  Conversely, drones are battery operated and can eliminate emissions from other aircraft and motor vehicles.

How the Meat Industry Killed the Free Market

How the Meat Industry Killed the Free Market

All meat in America is produced by one of four major companies.  According to investigative reporter Christopher Leonard, the meat monopoly has created a system where farmers are in a state of “indebted servitude” like that of the 1900s before meat monopolists were first broken up.  Forty years ago, 36 companies produced all of the chicken and chicken byproducts while today there are only three.


To purchase the full exposé, see [http://www.amazon.com/The-Meat-Racket-Takeover-Americas/dp/1451645813/saloncom08-20]